A number of high-precision products to solve the “neck”


On the bank of the Nansha River and beside Fusheng Road in Changping, Beijing, there is an unobtrusive national “small giant” enterprise – Shougang Gitane New Material Company. Its core business is high-end electric heating alloy materials, and it is a leading enterprise in the domestic electric heating alloy industry with independent intellectual property rights, as well as a “National High-tech Enterprise”, “Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise”, “High-tech Enterprise It is also a “National High-tech Enterprise”, “Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise”, “High-tech Enterprise”, “Demonstration Enterprise for Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements” and a national “Industry-University-Research” innovation demonstration unit.
Over the past ten years, Shougang Gitane has promoted scientific and technological innovation with a strong sense of mission, urgency and responsibility, showing the great potential and vitality of a high-tech enterprise for steel materials. “National Specialized and New ‘Small Giant’ Enterprise”.
Following the development of super easy cutting stainless steel wire for biros nibs containing lead in 2016, Shougang Gitane successfully developed a new generation of super easy cutting stainless steel material for environmentally friendly lead-free biros nibs, and the scientific and technological achievement of “lead-free super easy cutting stainless steel wire for biros nibs” won five invention patents and one utility model patent, again filling in the domestic market. A utility model patent, again filling the domestic technology gaps.
High-end electric resistance alloy products, sales of 5963 tons in domestic and international markets, total sales of 383,756,000 yuan, occupying more than 80% of the market share of high-temperature materials in domestic electric heating alloys. The company’s self-developed high-performance iron-chromium aluminium alloy and its production technology were assessed by experts from the Beijing Metals Institute to be at an international advanced level. This scientific and technological achievement is mainly used in photovoltaic power generation, energy storage, urban clean heating, etc., which is more in line with the national “carbon peak, carbon neutral” policy direction, and can effectively promote energy saving and carbon reduction, and solve the problems of similar imported electric heating materials such as necking, expensive and untimely supply, while obtaining independent intellectual property rights.
The independently developed iron-chromium aluminium alloy electric heating wire was successfully applied to the clean heating facilities in and around the Zhangjiakou Mountain Press Centre of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. “It has been widely reported by mainstream media such as Xinhua, China Metallurgical News and China Steel News. The brand of Shougang Steel Flower series high temperature materials enjoys high visibility and influence in the field of high-end demand for electric heating alloys in China and holds a leading position among its peers and is widely recognized by customers at home and abroad.
0.01mm diameter “Silk Steel”. “Silk steel” is a high-performance iron-chromium-aluminium fibre wire, suitable for the gas boiler industry, which can ensure uniform temperature distribution under combustion conditions, but also has a good effect on suppressing nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide emissions and promoting full combustion, solving the key technical bottleneck problem of domestic burner industry basic materials. The technical performance index of Shougang Gitane “Silk Steel” has reached the international leading level and the product has achieved industrialization success, breaking the monopoly of foreign imported materials and enhancing the international competitiveness of domestic Fe-Cr-Al fiber and its burner products.
“Striving for glory for the country” is never a slogan, but a true reflection of Shougang Gitane. Shougang Gitane has carried out scientific and technological research around core materials with major engineering applications, solving the “neck” problem time and again and successfully replacing imported materials, demonstrating the extraordinary strength of “Shougang Made in China”. With the key direction of breaking through foreign technical barriers and independently developing new technologies and products, Shougang Gitane has further refined and improved its “Shougang Steel Flower” brand of high-performance electric heating alloy products and is moving forward on the road of promoting high-quality corporate development.

Post time: Dec-06-2022