Appreciation of Great Achievements and Inspiration of Striving Force | The Party Committee of Gitane leads Party members and cadres to visit the theme achievement exhibition of “Striving for a New Era

In the afternoon of November 12, the Party Committee of Gitane Company led its party members and cadres to visit the Beijing Exhibition Hall to study the thematic achievement exhibition of “Entering a New Era”, to gain a deep understanding of the great achievements made by the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, which united and led the whole party and all nationalities to be confident and self-improvement, keep the righteousness and innovation, excel and move forward courageously, and made a remarkable achievement in history and the world. We will draw on the rich wisdom and power of advancement from this great achievement.


The whole exhibition focused on the great achievements and historical changes of the cause of the Party and the country in the past decade in the new era. Six exhibition areas used more than 6000 exhibition elements, such as pictures, objects and models, to demonstrate the great achievements of our country in keeping our original mission in mind and constantly striving for development from many aspects, such as science and education, poverty alleviation, national defense and diplomacy, and to interpret the extraordinary development achievements of the decade.


From time to time, everyone stopped to watch, listen to explanations, ask about relevant information and communicate with each other. All the way, they visited six exhibition areas, including the lobby, the central comprehensive exhibition area, the local exhibition area, the outlook exhibition area, the outdoor exhibition area and the interactive exhibition area. From physical models, vivid videos, pictures and charts, we deeply felt the brilliant achievements of our motherland and had a strong resonance.

In the exhibition, “Qian’an Iron and Steel Company of Shougang Co., Ltd., a Class A enterprise with ultra-low emissions”, “Jingtang Company of Offshore Steel City”, “Shougang Section of Yongding River”, “Shougang Skiing Platform”, “the opening ceremony of China Finland Winter Sports Year was held in Shougang Hockey Club” and other photos and images showing Shougang elements attracted everyone’s attention. The visiting party members and leading cadres stopped to watch carefully and were very proud of the achievements made by Shougang under the leadership of the Party.


We all agree that in the past decade of the new era, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, China has taken a series of strategic initiatives, promoted a series of transformative practices, achieved a series of breakthroughs and made a series of landmark achievements. These remarkable achievements provide the most vivid real-life evidence of the superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics and the most vivid practical portrayal of socialist modernisation.

The great achievements of the new era were made by the Party and the people through hard work, dedication and struggle. The theme of the exhibition is clear, inspiring and motivating. As Shougang Jitaian people, we should fully implement Xi Jinping’s socialist thought of a new era with Chinese characteristics, unswervingly study, propagate and implement the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, do our work with a more vigorous spirit and enterprising attitude, and strive to create new and better achievements on the new road of catching up. We will strive to create new and better achievements on the new road.


Post time: Nov-14-2022