Gitane successfully developed a new high-end electric heating alloy – “Silk Steel”

After Jingtang’s “Cicada Wing Steel

Shougang’s “smart manufacturing” once again shows extraordinary strength
Gitane New Material Company has successfully developed
diameter of only 0.01mm
The new high-end electric heating alloy – “Silk Steel”
which has caused a great response in the industry

At present, the product has successfully undergone market transformation and has become the product of choice for many downstream manufacturers in the industry, with increasing profitability.

“Silk Steel”, refers to a high-performance iron-chromium-aluminium fibre filament. It uses Fe-Cr-Al alloy as the base, and through micro-alloying design, uses original process technology to manufacture silk billets with a diameter of about 0.3 mm. The surface of the silk billets will be copper-plated and then combined with strands to gather and draw, forming a diameter of 0.01 mm FeCr-Al fibre yarn after a complex process.

Q: 0.01mm, i.e. one hundredth of a millimetre; how fine can a 0.01mm diameter “silk steel” be?

Answer: The human eye can not detect its existence, touching it with the hand can not feel its touch; more amazing is that “silk steel” not only combines light, soft, fine in one, in more than 1000 degrees of high temperature can still maintain a very strong toughness and resistance to oxidation, can be seen its fine degree and high-end performance.

It is understood that “silk steel” is mainly used in the gas boiler industry, i.e. natural gas industrial kiln full premix burner on the ball head to improve the combustion efficiency; in addition, it is also “into” the field of environmental protection automobile exhaust gas purification, used in the filter of the diesel car carbon particle trap. As the “silk steel” can ensure uniform temperature distribution under combustion conditions, but also has a good effect on the inhibition of nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide emissions, to promote full combustion, to solve the key technical bottleneck of the domestic burner industry basic materials, so this high-performance iron-chromium aluminium fibre wire won the State Ministry of Science and Technology Therefore, this high performance Fe=Cr-Al fibre yarn was awarded the certificate of “National Key New Product” by the Ministry of Science and Technology.


In natural light
A single “silk steel” with a diameter of 0.01 mm
because the diameter of the single silk fibres is too fine
and cannot be perceived by humans
The “silk steel” that can be seen
is actually the result of twisting multiple strands of iron-chromium-aluminium fibres together
By twisting 20 or 30 strands of 0.01mm wire together
The result is a strand of alloy wire about 0.5 mm in diameter
It’s not as thick as a mobile phone charging cable when you put it between your fingers
Usually, these wires are like yarn
They are wound in a loop on a wooden spool.
If a 0.01 mm diameter “silk steel” is unrolled all the way around the wooden shaft
It can reach a length of over 1,000 kilometres
equivalent to the straight-line distance from Beijing to Shanghai!

In the production hall of Jitaian, these “yarns” are used as the raw material, and after several processes, like a jumper, each “silk steel” is woven into a metal fabric as large as a single cooler, with a texture similar to a jumper, soft and dense. It can be shaken, folded and even kneaded. Then, as with clothing, the operator cuts each “mat” to make burner flame head products as large as a basketball or as small as a light bulb.


In the process of scientific research and process research, Jitaian’s technical staff knew the difficulties and hard work, and finally developed successfully. Through many rounds of testing, the material was qualified by Bekaert, the world’s largest manufacturer of fibres and their products. The technical performance index of “Silk Steel” has reached the international leading level and the product has been successfully industrialised. Jitaian supplies several related high-end downstream manufacturers of FeCr-Al alloy fibres in China and the products processed by “Silk Steel” are exported worldwide.

The “first” technology research and development, to break the monopoly of foreign imported materials, to enhance the international competitiveness of domestic iron-chromium-aluminium fibres and their burner products, Jitaian “silk steel” synthetic extraordinary toughness, to create a high value-added products brand, popular in the market. Sales revenue and profit generation are at a good level.

Science and technology innovation, for the “intelligent manufacturing” speed up. The company has just won the title of “small giant” enterprise at the national level, and is full of confidence in the development prospects of the enterprise. Li Gang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Company, said, “Under the correct leadership of the Party Committee of Shougang Group and Equity Company at both levels, Jitaian cadres and staff will adhere to scientific and technological innovation, insist on creating high-quality, high value-added and cost-effective products, and strive to contribute more value to Shougang’s intellectual manufacturing!”

Post time: Oct-26-2022