In order to respond to the call of Beijing municipal solid

In order to respond to the call of Beijing municipal solid waste classification, the Party committee of the Municipal State owned assets supervision and Administration Commission organized and carried out the practice activity of "waste classification state-owned enterprises in action", implemented the key tasks assigned by Shougang Group and equity company, further promoted the implementation of the new version of "Beijing Municipal Solid Waste Management Regulations", and effectively improved the municipal enterprises and all cadres and workers' knowledge of domestic waste classification Awareness rate, participation rate and correct delivery rate.

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The Party committee of BEIJING SHOUGANG GITANE NEW MATERIALS CO.LTD actively organized and issued a commitment letter for classification of domestic waste to more than 400 employees of the company, purchased a batch of garbage classification garbage cans, classified garbage bin stickers and posters, and placed them in office buildings and youth dormitory of the company, so as to promote everyone to actively participate in the practical actions of garbage classification, cultivate the habit of garbage classification and improve the habit of garbage classification We know about the classification of garbage.

In September 5th, Ji Tai'an new material company came to the community in Beijing to take part in the special action of "barrel in advance" as a volunteer in the community, and deeply studied and grasped the important directive spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping on garbage sorting work, and further promoted the organic combination of garbage classification and epidemic prevention and control. The classification knowledge can guide the residents to put in the garbage correctly, promote the residents to form the habit of garbage classification, and set off a new climax of "publicity and implementation of regulations, garbage classification, construction of urban civilization, social civilization and new fashion of ecological civilization".

In the next step, the company will continue to promote the practice of "waste classification state-owned enterprises in action", and make positive contributions to the construction of civilized Shougang and green GITANE.

Post time: Dec-28-2020