The board of directors and shareholders’ meeting of BEIJING SHOUGANG GITANE NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD was held successfully in 2020

On October 16, the 4th board of directors and the 17th general meeting of shareholders of BEIJING SHOUGANG GITANE NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD were successfully held in the conference room of the company. Li Chundong, deputy general manager of the equity company, directors, supervisors and shareholder representatives attended the meeting respectively. The meeting was presided over by Li Gang, Secretary of the Party committee, chairman and general manager.

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In 2020, the board of directors and the shareholders' meeting deliberated and passed the resolution of the meeting.

At the 17th general meeting of shareholders of the company, Comrade Li Gang gave a special lecture on the completion of various business indicators in the first three quarters of 2020, and made plans for the fourth quarter to ensure the outstanding completion of all indicators and tasks throughout the year, and laid a good foundation for development in 2021.

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Li Chundong fully affirmed GITANE business indicators, enterprise management, risk control, talent construction, and corporate culture construction in 2019. Focusing on the work completion of GITANE company in the first three quarters of 2020, Comrade Li Chundong pointed out that under the epidemic situation this year, through the joint efforts of GITANE leading group, all shareholders and all employees, the current business performance has been achieved, and the achievements have not been easy to obtain. In the aspect of enterprise management, it has carried out a lot of work, actively communicated with government departments, and became an enterprise encouraged to develop in Changping District; carried out systematic training for all staff; actively solved problems left over from history; built new staff activity venues to enrich employees' spare time cultural life, which further enhanced the sense of belonging of employees and the sense of mission for high-quality development of enterprises.

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Post time: Dec-28-2020