The fourth quarter of the sprint of “stabilizing quality, promoting production and ensuring delivery”


In order to further stabilize the quality, practice the concept of “high quality, stable production and high-quality products”, organize in advance, make overall arrangements, promote production increase, and ensure contract delivery, the Party Committee of Jitai An Company recently organized an enlarged meeting of the Party branch secretary, mobilized and deployed the “Plan for Striving for Excellence within the Party in the Fourth Quarter by” Stabilizing Quality, Promoting Production and Ensuring Delivery “, and stimulated the enthusiasm and passion of Party members, cadres, and employees to strive for excellence in the fourth quarter, It has strengthened confidence in the successful completion of the annual target tasks. Li Gang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Leaders of the company, secretaries of all party branches and heads of all units attended the meeting.


Li Gang focused on explaining the Plan of “Stabilizing Quality, Promoting Production and Ensuring Delivery” to Sprint on the Fourth Quarter’s Inner Party Excellence Campaign, which defined the overall requirements, schedule and content of the event, further promoting the implementation of the company’s key work of party building and promoting the overall improvement of party building.

Li Gang pointed out that first, we should improve our standing and attach great importance to it. Fully reflect the core role of the Party Committee in “ensuring implementation” and the role of the branch as a battleground, practice a high degree of integration of Party building and production and operation, and promote this activity of creating excellence; Second, we should do a good job in the integration of the party and the government, and do a good job in process organization. Focusing on the central work of “stabilizing quality, promoting production and ensuring delivery”, we should closely cooperate, coordinate and link up, maintain consistent goals and actions, reduce management time units, and focus on process organization to ensure effectiveness; Third, we should pay close attention to Party members and cadres and drive the masses of workers. It is necessary to fully highlight the exemplary role of Party members and cadres as pioneers, work ahead, be pioneers and set an example, drive the staff around, enhance the enthusiasm of the officers for entrepreneurship, and create a strong sprint atmosphere. Fourth, do a good job of summary and evaluation. We should use statistical data and daily performance to do a good job of appraising and commending advanced people, so that comrades who have done a lot of good work can be selected and praised.
After the mobilization meeting, each party branch quickly organized its members, party members and activists to convey and implement the spirit of the meeting. In combination with the actual work, they interpreted the “Plan for Striving for Excellence within the Party in the Fourth Quarter of the” Stabilizing Quality, Promoting Production and Ensuring Delivery “Sprint in different forms, arranged the specific activity plans of each party branch for the fourth quarter of the sprint, defined the individual indicators and tasks of the party members, and effectively enhanced the sense of purpose, service The sense of responsibility and efficiency encourages all Party members to strive for excellence and make progress to ensure the successful completion of all work tasks throughout the year.


Post time: Nov-02-2022