Development of electrothermal alloy industry

Recently, the electrothermal alloy industry has made great progress. The China Electrothermal Materials Industry Association predicts that China’s electrothermal alloy market will grow several times this year. With the increasing requirements of the government for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy conservation and emission reduction has become a major global issue. As a new type, energy-saving, low-consumption and renewable energy insulation material, electrothermal alloy has also received extensive attention. At present, China has formed a complete industrial chain integrating production, processing and application: the supply of raw materials is diversified, and inorganic chips, especially “three three three” chips, occupy a large share in the market; Manufacturing companies are developing and expanding rapidly; In combination with the characteristics of this industry, intermediaries are also particularly active; The rapid progress of technology and the continuous implementation of subsidies have greatly promoted the improvement of the market.

Finally, users are also very intensive: from decoration companies to hardware dealers, all use this material. With the continuous improvement of the market situation, several times more companies will join the industry in 2020. From this perspective, 2020 will be a year of learning and flying!

Post time: Feb-28-2023