Electrothermal Alloy

  • Fe-Cr-Al alloys

    Fe-Cr-Al alloys

    Fe-Cr-Al alloys is one of the most widely used electrothermal alloys at home and abroad. It is characterized by high resistivity, small resistance temperature coefficient, good oxidation resistance, high temperature and so on . These alloys are widely used in making industrial heating equipments and domestic heating appliances.
  • SPARK brand wire spiral

    SPARK brand wire spiral

    Spark "brand spiral wire is well-known all over the country. It uses high-quality Fe-Cr-Al and Ni-Cr-Al alloy wires as raw materials and adopts high-speed automatic winding machine with computer control power capacity. Our products have high temperature resistance, fast temperature rise, long service life, stable resistance, small output power error, small capacity deflection, uniform pitch after elongation, and smooth surface.
  • Ni-Cr alloys

    Ni-Cr alloys

    Ni-Cr electrothermal alloy has high temperature strength. It has good toughness and does not easily deform. Its grain structure is not easily changed. The plasticity is better than Fe-Cr-Al alloys. No brittleness after high temperature cooling, long service life, its easy to process and welding, but the service temperature is lower than Fe-Cr-Al alloy.
  • Pail-Packing alloys

    Pail-Packing alloys

    The pail-packing wire is one kind of our new products. Adopting advanced winding technology,the wire has high Piece weight and good linear.By using pail packs, you can save time in changing packs versus small plastic spools where you have to stop production constantly.