0Cr25Al5 Fe-Cr-Al heating spiral resistance wire spark brand wire spiral

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Spark "brand spiral wire is well-known all over the country. It uses high-quality Fe-Cr-Al and Ni-Cr-Al alloy wires as raw materials and adopts high-speed automatic winding machine with computer control power capacity. Our products have high temperature resistance, fast temperature rise, long service life, stable resistance, small output power error, small capacity deflection, uniform pitch after elongation, and smooth surface. It is widely used in small electric oven, muffle furnace, air conditioner, various ovens, electric heating tube, household appliances, etc. We can design and manufacture all kinds of non-standard helix according to user's requirements.

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    Characteristics of electric furnace wire:

    1.For example, the maximum application temperature of HRE Fe Cr Al alloy profile wire in air is 1400 ℃;

    2.The allowable surface load is large;

    3.It has good oxidation resistance and high resistance;

    4. The price is significantly lower than that of nickel chromium;

    5.With the increase of temperature, the defects mainly show plastic

    deformation, and the compressive strength at high temperature is low.

    The characteristics of Ni Cr alloy electric furnace wire are as follows

    1. High compressive strength at high temperature

    2. After long-term application, the raw materials are not easy to become brittle;

    3. The emissivity of Ni Cr Al alloy is higher than that of Fe Cr Al alloy;

    matters needing attention

    1. The wire diameter should be selected correctly according to the power connection method, reasonable surface load and proper wire diameter;

    2. Before the installation of electric furnace wire, the furnace shall be

    comprehensively inspected to remove the hidden dangers of ferrite, carbon

    deposition and contact with the electric furnace, so as to avoid short circuit, so as to prevent wire breakdown;

    3. The electric furnace wire should be correctly connected according to the

    designed wiring method during installation;

    4. The sensitivity of the temperature control system should be checked before using the electric furnace wire, so as to prevent the electric furnace wire from burning out due to temperature failure.


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