High quality development starts again | Gitane Company holds the mobilization meeting after the 2023 Spring Festival

At the beginning of the new year, everything is renewed. In order to encourage all cadres and employees to actively participate in the 2023 target task with a full mental state and the rhythm of starting and sprinting, and promote the great progress and development of the company. On January 30, Gitane Company held a mobilization meeting for the commencement of the 2023 Spring Festival. Li Gang, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the board of directors, made a mobilization speech entitled “Strive to Expedite and Strive for the High-quality Development of Gitane”, with the participation of company leaders, middle-level, reserve cadres and key personnel.

Li Gang made a class mobilization around three aspects: why we should press ahead to promote the high-quality progress and development of Gitane, deeply grasp the connotation of the high-quality development of Gitane, and use hard work to promote the high-quality development of Gitane.
Li Gang pointed out that high quality is the only way for the development of Gitane Only through high quality development to break through and deal with the uncertainty of the external environment with the certainty of high quality development can we make great progress and development. At the present stage, the high-quality development of Gitane must be both qualitative and quantitative, adhere to both qualitative improvement and quantitative growth, seek progress in stability, and not seek stability without progress. We should deeply grasp the specific connotation of the high quality development of Gitane, use action, practical work, process management, lean management, enthusiasm, determination, and patience to upgrade these high quality indicators from the current level to the excellent level, excellent level, and excellent level, so as to achieve the high quality long-term development of Gitane.
Focusing on how to use hard work to promote the high-quality development of Gitane, Li Gang stressed that first, we should adhere to+focus on the field of electric heating alloy. Focus on the main business of research and development and production of electrothermal alloys, and build a strong and lasting moat of Gitane with the difficulty of research and development and production, and build the advantages and competitiveness of products and industries with the persistence and focus on becoming a professional and expert, build the pricing power and discourse power in the industry, and build the core competitiveness of enterprises.
Second, we should always adhere to the two-wheel drive of management innovation+scientific and technological innovation. Scientific and technological innovation will forge high-quality and stable products. It is necessary to upgrade the process, production line and process, improve the production efficiency, product quality and energy efficiency of products; Lean management, organizational optimization, small changes and small changes, organizational memory and experience accumulation, consensus building, cohesion, innovation and transformation, to form a systematic and comprehensive competitiveness.
Third, we should adhere to control+incentives. We should adhere to the establishment of systems, processes, mechanisms, and standards of applicability and ease of use. We should manage according to laws, regulations and regulations. We should use various forms such as communication, coordination, affirmation, praise, education, encouragement, publicity, reward, evaluation, training, cultivation, and further study to stimulate the vitality, mental power, willpower, and mental power of cadres and employees, realize the transformation from “passive” of control only to “active” of motivation, and stimulate everyone’s courage, drive, hard work, creativity, innovation, and subjective initiative.
Fourth, we should adhere to market orientation and customer orientation. All cadres and employees should firmly establish market awareness, conduct market demand, market demand and market pressure, have market sensitivity and super-sense, not market insight, actively and sensitively capture new changes and market demands, develop new technologies and products, meet market demand ahead of time and lead market demand; We should have quality faith, respect quality, operate carefully, produce high-quality products, use new technologies, new products, and high-quality products of steel flowers to develop new markets and new customers, compete for the stock market, and turn the old customers of competitors into their own new customers, so as to make market growth.
Fifth, we should seize the opportunity to make full increment. If we want to seize the opportunity of the national clean energy development and make sufficient increment, and if we want to play the first game and take the initiative, we must reflect “early” and “fast”. We should speed up the filling and filling of equipment as soon as possible to form production capacity; We should pay attention to the formation and implementation of a complete set of optimized organization plans for the increase of three-phase molten steel, the increase of purified ingot, the ability of rolling and annealing, the extra half to one shift of the large size, and the increase of the production capacity of the coarse and fine wires; Accelerate the promotion of production line automation; Process upgrading for quality problems and pain points; Improve high-quality and stable system capacity; Improve component processing and filament production capacity.
Sixth, grasp the ability to improve the nose. We should take multiple measures at the same time, focus on improving the ability and quality of cadres and staff, and cultivate a cadre team that “understands management, is good at management, wants to do things, and is good at doing things”. We should strengthen ideological education, strengthen the guidance of party building, pay attention to theoretical education, deepen the education of ideals and beliefs, and improve the ideological realm of cadres, the mental state of their actions, and the endogenous motivation of their work; Establish clear guidance and lead the wind of responsibility; Use the baton of examination and evaluation well; Forge excellent skills, and empower people to take on responsibilities; It is necessary to go deep into the field and walk around for management; Adhere to the principle that leading cadres go to the podium to promote learning by speaking.
The Company’s Party Committee calls for:
The plan of the year is spring. People work hard and spring comes early. At the beginning of the Spring Festival, we should immediately restore our status, seize every day, act quickly, seize the time and opportunity with a struggle attitude, work hard without delay, organize all Party members, cadres and staff, and implement the determined target tasks. Party members and cadres at all levels should not only be in command but also go out to fight. They should build bridges between mountains and rivers. They should be good at investigating and studying. They should be good at dissecting sparrows, summing up experience, and going deep into grass-roots management. They should find ways to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the staff and workers, guide everyone to actively participate, have the motivation to try, and have the confidence to do so, contribute to high-quality development, and make contributions in high-quality development.
After the mobilization meeting, everyone said that the opening mobilization speech further strengthened our confidence and determination to achieve great progress and development of the company, and was encouraged. We will take the mobilization meeting as the starting point, actively press ahead, anchor the development goals, and strive for breakthroughs with all our strength. With the struggle posture of “sprint at the beginning and decisive battle at the beginning of the year”, we will take the initiative to return to our position and cheer up our spirit to ensure a good start.


Post time: Feb-13-2023