Implement the spirit of the safety and environmental protection conference of Shougang Group – Gitane Company held the safety production start conference


Gitane Company held a safety production start meeting to deeply study and implement the spirit of Shougang Group's safety and environmental protection meeting, summarize the safety production work in 2022, and mobilize and deploy the safety production work in 2023.
Safety management highlights.
01 Company leaders, middle-level cadres, reserve cadres, full-time and part-time safety officers and team leaders of all units attended the meeting.
The "Four No Two Direct Safety Mechanism" has been established to inspect and supervise the safety management level by level. It not only checks the safety management effect, but also checks whether the management at all levels performs their duties properly.
02 In line with the requirements of the "Great Publicity, Great Education and Great Training" campaign, a great education and training on safety was carried out. The leading cadres went to the podium to talk about safety, promote learning by speaking, let the leading cadres learn safety, understand safety, speak safety, and better perform their duties.
03 Leaders at all levels should go to the grass-roots and lower levels of the team to participate in the pre-shift meeting, conduct safety education and training, and give demonstration to the grass-roots team leaders, so as to effectively enhance the professionalism and effectiveness of the pre-shift meeting and safety meeting at the grass-roots level, focusing not only on the form, but also on the content and quality.
04 Carry out the special treatment of habitual violation of rules and regulations in production posts, increase the intensity of investigation and punishment, and fundamentally control the barbaric operation and habitual violation of rules and regulations, and find a breakthrough point for the treatment of operational injuries in posts such as bumps.
05 Compacted the responsibilities of managers at all levels, and further clearly emphasized that in case of illegal operations, managers at all levels should be held accountable and dealt with seriously together.
06 Carry out safety investigation and research, and carry out safety investigation and research on the processes with safety problems. The main leaders of the company personally organized demonstration, carried out post realism, professional coordination, dissection of sparrows, sorted out the list of hidden problems, comprehensively rectified, wrote the investigation and research report, and revised and improved the operating procedures one by one, which really achieved in-depth, thorough, comprehensive, and has the role of promotion and demonstration, The Working Mechanism on the Establishment of Security Research was formulated and issued, and this practice was gradually implemented.
07 Two full-time safety management personnel were arranged to carry out regular supervision on the safety production of night shift and weekend, which blocked the loopholes, blind spots and dead spots of safety management.
08 Six intrinsically safe renovation projects have been completed, including the company-wide distribution cabinet, hydrogen leakage interlock, purified circulating water alarm interlock, and unattended water pump room, which have effectively improved the level of intrinsically safe.
09 For holidays and major events such as the Spring Festival, the Winter Olympics, the May Day, the National Day and the Twentieth National Congress, a special security plan has been formulated, which attaches great importance to and strictly guards against death, ensuring the safety and stability during holidays and major events.

With regard to the safety work of Gitane Company in 2023, Li Hongli, the general manager, pointed out that first, we should strengthen the responsibility and always tighten the string of preventing and resolving risks. To strengthen the sense of hardship and the implementation of the main responsibility, we should effectively integrate our thoughts and actions into the company's party committee's judgment and decision and deployment of the situation of safe production, and take the initiative to serve the overall development of the company. Second, we should adhere to the bottom line thinking and limit thinking, and pay close attention to the implementation of the key work of safety production. We should further deepen the special rectification of fire protection, urban gas, hazardous chemicals, etc., do a good job of extreme weather monitoring, early warning and emergency disposal, combine the characteristics of production and operation rules at the end of the year, strengthen the inspection and management of production and operation sites, focus on the ideological and emotional changes of employees, and do a good job of safety guidance in time. Third, we should adhere to the system concept, adhere to the principle of integrity and innovation, and earnestly carry out the tackling of essential safety projects in 2023. We should give full play to the advantages of the company's small reform and small reform innovation platform and do a thorough job in tackling the essential safety projects in 2023; Adhere to goal guidance; Adhere to the equal emphasis on management and technology, and realize the two-wheel drive of management and technical measures; On the basis of tackling key problems in intrinsically safe projects, we should promote the implementation of small changes in intrinsically safe at all levels, and drive the development of intrinsically safe with innovation. Fourth, we should improve our political standing and continue to strengthen the implementation of the main responsibility for safe production. We should enhance the urgency of promoting key work, adhere to the management of the bottom line and the red line of safety, and make every effort to build a solid security line.


Post time: Feb-06-2023