The 20th Employee Fun Games of Jitai An Company Successfully Held

On November 3rd, the 20th Employee Fun Sports Meeting of Gitane Company was successfully held.
More than 100 company leaders, leaders and cadres from various units, as well as employees from various units, enthusiastically participated in this fun sports meet. Everyone was sweating, enjoying happiness, and enhancing friendship on the field.
At the opening ceremony, under the guidance of the national flag, factory flag, and conference flag, the colorful flag team and athlete team walked into the main stadium of the sports meet with neat steps. The high spirited demeanor of everyone fully demonstrated the enthusiasm and vitality of the employees of Gitane to strive for progress.


Guided by national flags, factory flags, assembly flags, and colorful flags,
Each party branch team made a brilliant appearance,
They are energetic and dignified,
With neat steps and loud slogans,
Showcasing the uplifting spirit of the Gitane people.


In order to enrich the competition content and enhance the fun of the activities, this sports meeting has divided individual events and group events. Individual events include men/women’s 100m, men/women’s shot put, men/women’s standing long jump, men/women’s fixed point shooting, men/women’s fat race, men/women’s running around, and angry little birds; Collective events include men/women’s 4 * 100 meter relay, three person running, pressure board relay, and tug of war competition. There is both competition of strength, competition of wisdom, and competition of unity and cooperation.
On the field, the participating employees are attentive, cooperative, and have a strong understanding; Off the field, everyone carefully observes, summarizes experience, and actively practices. The constant cheers, cheers, and laughter on site pushed the competition atmosphere to one climax after another.


After nearly two hours of competition, each competition event has successfully completed. The participating employees fully promote the spirit of teamwork, compare skills, abilities, and unity, interpret value through sports, and pour passion through sweat, presenting a strong sense of participation, full of fun, and exciting sports event.


Post time: Nov-22-2023