The “High Performance Iron Chromium Aluminum Alloy Technology Development and Industrialization” project of Shougang Gitane has reached the international advanced level

Recently, the expert group of the Beijing Metal Society conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the scientific and technological achievements of the high-performance iron chromium aluminum alloy technology development and industrialization project independently developed by Shougang Gitane New Materials Company. The expert group unanimously believes that the project achievements have reached the international advanced level.

Iron chromium aluminum alloy is a functional material for electric heating conversion. Prior to this, high-performance electric heating alloy materials used at temperatures above 1300 ℃ in China could not be self-sufficient. This problem deeply affects the international competition pattern of related industries in fields such as semiconductor manufacturing, photovoltaic, high-end glass furnace ceramic sintering, and exhaust gas treatment. The core technological content of Gitane project achievements lies in the independent development of high-performance iron chromium aluminum alloy new materials and their manufacturing technology that can be stably used under ultra-high temperature conditions of 1400 ℃. This technological achievement is mainly used in photovoltaic power generation, energy storage, urban clean heating, etc., which is more in line with the national policy direction of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality”. It can effectively promote energy conservation and carbon reduction, and solve the problems of similar imported electric heating materials being stuck, expensive, and not supplied in a timely manner. In the past five years, the new materials developed by the project have performed well in the domestic and international electric heating alloy market. Currently, the sales revenue has reached 242 million yuan, and the profits generated by the products account for over 60% of the total profits of Gitane Company.

The new materials developed by this project, with their high temperature and performance characteristics, have gradually shifted from using coal and natural gas for heating, such as ceramic sintering, glass manufacturing, and non-ferrous metal smelting, to using more controllable temperature, lower safety risks, and environmentally friendly electric heating methods for heating. Yang Qingsong, Minister of Technology Development Department of Gitane New Materials Company, introduced that the project’s materials have been successfully applied to single crystal manufacturing and diffusion heat treatment furnaces, seizing the opportunity of increasing the installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation to achieve industrialization, and the project benefits have achieved rapid growth. Effectively breaking foreign technological monopolies and breaking free from the dependence on foreign materials for high-performance electric heating materials required in fields such as chip manufacturing, coal to electricity, and gas to electricity, Gitane New Materials Company has achieved an “acceleration” of innovative development.

In terms of project achievement transformation and application, Gitane has become the exclusive supplier of this type of products to several well-known downstream semiconductor equipment manufacturing enterprises with the project achievements, and the project achievement materials have successfully replaced imported materials. Even more gratifying is that the new materials developed by the “High Performance Iron Chromium Aluminum Alloy Technology Development and Industrialization” project have also become designated products for use by leading domestic and foreign burner enterprises.

The reporter learned that the only two downstream manufacturing enterprises in the world with a complete set of technologies from “high-temperature oxidation resistant metal fibers” to “metal fiber burners” have designated the new materials produced by the Gitane project as the “only domestically available materials”. At the same time, this material is also applied to the glass furnace electric heating components of Fuyao Group (Fujian) Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Due to its excellent technology and stable performance, Gitane has been rated as an A-level supplier by the company.

Post time: Nov-17-2023