The second meeting of the fourth staff congress of Gitane Company was successfully held

Li Gang, secretary of the company's party committee and chairman of the board of directors, made a concluding speech, and Li Hongli, deputy secretary of the company's party committee and general manager, made a work report entitled "Pressurization, Endeavour, Innovation, Drive, Continuously Make New Breakthroughs in High-quality Development, Create New Advantages"


At 9:00 a.m., the second session of the Fourth Workers' Congress of Beijing Shougang Gitane New Materials Co., Ltd. was opened in the solemn national anthem. Li Hongli, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the Company, made a work report entitled "Pressurized and Energetic Innovation-driven Continuously Make New Breakthroughs in High-quality Development and Shape New Advantages".
The report is divided into three parts: "Completion of tasks in 2022", "Work ideas and indicators arrangement in 2023", and "Key tasks in 2023".

Pay close attention to the improvement of the performance ability of leaders at all levels, strengthen the evaluation and accounting, deepen the reform, practice the internal skills of lean management, and improve the total factor productivity; Adhere to the two-wheel drive of management innovation and scientific and technological innovation, continue to implement "high-quality and stable production of high-quality products", focus on improving core competitiveness, and promote Gitane to make new breakthroughs and shape new advantages in high-quality development.
The business policy in 2023 is to press ahead, improve capacity, reform and innovation, and evaluate and account.

Li Chundong fully affirmed the achievements of Gitane Company in 2022. He said that the growth of Gitane and the complete success of the World War II examinations were hard-won and fully recognized by Shougang Group and the equity company. Since the establishment of the new team, it has forged a strong and powerful party committee team, stimulated the passion and enthusiasm of the party committee team to start a business, and become a strong leadership core for the transformation and upgrading of the company and the promotion of high-quality development. It has led the cadres and employees of the company to overcome various difficulties, adhere to the leadership of the party building, solve a series of problems left over from history, focus on the main business of electric heating, and shut down the amorphous and cold rolling businesses, We have comprehensively strengthened the basic management, improved the on-site environment, vigorously promoted the research and development of new technologies and new products, and carried out index benchmarking and management benchmarking with financial management as the center and market as the guide. Not only have we achieved the annual growth of sales revenue and profits, but also improved the business quality of the enterprise. We have achieved good results in all aspects and have a good momentum of development. In 2022, Gitane withstood the test of the epidemic situation and the economic environment at home and abroad, and made great efforts in business management, scientific and technological innovation, new product research and development, market expansion and other aspects, which has accumulated stamina for the long-term development and sustainable development of the enterprise.


Focusing on the work of Gitane Company in 2023, he stressed that first, we should study and implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress. Adhere to the main business of electrothermal alloy, promote scientific and technological innovation, strive to improve the level of equipment automation, constantly enhance the ability of informatization and digitalization to promote enterprise operation and management, adhere to promote the construction of green plants, give full play to its own advantages, promote the enterprise to gradually move towards high-quality development, and accelerate the development of Gitane. Second, we should firmly establish the people-oriented idea. Taking the cultivation of a loving, dedicated, assiduous and excelsior staff team as an important goal, being a close person for employees will do practical things for employees and solve practical problems for employees, as an important part of enterprise operation and development, and make the staff team become the backbone of promoting enterprise reform and development. Third, we should further emancipate our minds and innovate. Seize the opportunity of the current national "double carbon" strategic deployment and vigorously develop the energy conservation and environmental protection industry, take the promotion of green development as its own responsibility, increase efforts in the research and development of key materials for photovoltaic production and energy storage, provide key material support for the development of clean energy in the whole society, strive to move forward towards the goal of creating a world-class "steel flower" brand, and make greater contributions to the national electric heating industry!

With regard to the implementation of the spirit of the "two sessions" of Shougang, the cadre conference of the equity company and the workers' congress of Gitane Company, Li Gang stressed in his concluding speech that, first, we should actively press ahead and promote the company's great progress and development. We should have the determination to promote the company's great progress and development, adhere to both qualitative improvement and quantitative growth, and expand new advantages of high-quality development with practical results. Keep the focus of development, enhance confidence in development, anchor the goal of being the first in the world of electrothermal alloys, and seek long-term development.

Second, we should take multiple measures to improve the ability and quality of cadres and workers. In order to achieve high-quality development, enterprises must have a high-quality cadre and staff team capable of doing well. We should take multiple measures at the same time, focus on improving the ability and quality of cadres and staff, cultivate a cadre team that "understands management, is good at management, wants to do things, and is good at doing things", stimulate the passion of all staff to be bold and innovative, and create a high-quality professional staff team.

Third, we should plan ahead, seize the opportunity and make sufficient increment. In order to achieve great progress and development, the company must increase its market orders, and accordingly must increase its production capacity. We should take the initiative to increase pressure, take the initiative, make full efforts, repeatedly charge, seize the opportunity of the development of clean energy in the country, seize the photovoltaic orders, make sufficient increments, and lay a solid foundation for the development.

Fourth, we must make up our minds to work hard to ensure high-quality stability and innovation-driven development. Establish a practical quality management responsibility system, a mechanism for benchmarking and surpassing steel products, and a mechanism for statistical analysis and control of quality testing data. Special training courses for scientific and technological innovation professionals should be held to improve the ability of innovation and creation.

Fifth, we should do our best to ensure the safety, environmental protection and stability of major events. Establish safety awareness, coordinate safety and development, and ensure high-quality development with high-level safety.


During the meeting, the participants were divided into four delegations, who carefully studied and discussed the work report made by Li Hongli. The delegations reviewed the 2022 Financial Final Account Report of Beijing Shougang Gitane New Material Co., Ltd., the 2023 Production and Operation Plan of Beijing Shougang Gitane New Material Co., Ltd., the 2023 New Product Development Work Arrangement of Beijing Shougang Jitaian New Material Co., Ltd., the 2022 Safety Production Work Summary and 2023 Key Work Arrangement of Beijing Shougang Gitane New Material Co., Ltd The 2023 Life Service Work Plan of Beijing Shougang Gitane New Material Co., Ltd., the 2023 Education and Training Work Arrangement of Beijing Shougang Gitanen New Material Co., Ltd., and the 2022 Business Entertainment Expense Use Report of Beijing Shougang Gitane New Material Co., Ltd. and other conference documents.
The formal representatives at the meeting deliberated and adopted the Resolution of the Second Session of the Fourth Workers' Congress of Beijing Shougang Gitane New Materials Co., Ltd. by a show of hands.


Post time: Feb-13-2023