The special training course for quality management and technical development professionals of Gitane Company is open!


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In order to thoroughly implement the quality concept of “high quality and stability, high-quality production” and the practical experience and practice of scientific and technological innovation, and provide strategic support for the company’s transformation and upgrading, production and operation, and high-quality long-term development, Gitane Company has launched a special training course for quality management and technical development professionals. On January 30, Gitane Company held a mobilization meeting for the opening of the class, which was attended by more than 60 leaders, middle managers, reserve cadres and all trainees of the special training class.

It is a specific measure to provide strategic support for the company’s transformation and upgrading, production and operation, and high-quality long-term development. The special training course will closely follow the theme of quality management and technology development, “forge a long board” to improve the competitive advantage of products, grasp the working methods of scientific concepts through systematic study of scientific and technological innovation and the related statements of quality power, and cultivate a quality management and technology research and development team with firm faith, ideals, passion, understanding technology, management, and good innovation.
Li Gang stressed that the special training course is not only the first innovative attempt in the 67 years of development history of Gitane , but also a key link in the high-quality development of Gitane. First, we should attach great importance to the special training course, which is a strategic measure related to the long-term development of the company.

The leaders of all units should attach great importance to it, take it seriously, and organize it in person; Second, we should adhere to a high starting point and high standards to ensure that training and training are effective; Third, the training plan should be thorough and detailed, and the training materials should be of high standard to ensure the teaching effect; Fourth, we should strictly manage the process and ensure attendance. All students should correct their learning attitude, strictly abide by the training discipline, and ensure that they get what they learn, gain what they learn, really get into the mind and heart, and achieve ability improvement.

Tao Ke, the deputy general manager, introduced the “Plan for Setting up Special Training Courses for Quality Management and Technology Development Professionals”, emphasizing the “Learning Requirements for Special Training Courses for Quality Management and Technology Development Professionals”.

Innovative methods

The special training course will take the form of special lectures, exchange and discussion, on-site teaching, self-study and training, knowledge testing, etc. Through centralized, systematic, in-depth, professional and lasting training, we will achieve the new model and new goal of high-end talent training of Gideon.Seek practical results.


Seek practical results

The special training class will adhere to the principles of “high standards and strict requirements” and “true mastery and application”.
Systematically cultivate and apply what you have learned. The key backbones adopt the mode of “teacher leading apprentice”, clarify the task objectives, promote learning by case, carefully listen to the class, sort out and improve the notes, carefully review the class content after class, carefully study and circle the designated bibliography, and regularly review and grade the records.
Comprehensive evaluation and practical results. The leading group takes the form of surprise inspection and contrast inspection to check the learning quality first, and combines attendance, learning notes, discussion and speech, learning gains, test results, actual work results, etc., to comprehensively evaluate the learning effect of each student, and link it with the company’s cadre evaluation and staff evaluation to test the learning effect.


Lesson 1

After the class opening ceremony, Li Gang taught the first lesson of the class, “How to build a functional quality control system”. The course will focus on the following eight aspects: scientific and technological innovation at the Twentieth National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the discussion of the CPC Central Committee on strengthening the country’s quality, establishing the quality belief in quality control of steel flowers, establishing a practical and effective management responsibility system, the relationship between quality and cost, establishing the thinking of closed-loop management, being good at tracing the source control, establishing the mechanism of steel flower product performance benchmarking and catching up, and the necessary quality of quality management personnel, Systematically explain the “Establishment of the Mechanism for Improving the Performance of Steel Flower Products”, the “Responsibilities of Scientific and Technological Innovation Functions of All Units at All Levels”, the “Implementation List of Main Methods of Scientific and Technological Innovation” and the “Establishment of the Mechanism for Quality Statistical Analysis and Control”, and require all students to face up to difficulties and challenges, actively embrace changes, continue to work hard on management internal skills, and fully stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of officers.

Post time: Feb-13-2023